Maybe that bomb really did kill me. I'm seriously entertaining this thought right now. One minute the world is green, beautiful and bright, the next that blinding light is actually the Earth shattering just a few miles away.

I guess it might as well have killed me. Everything I was and everything I hoped to have one day went up in flames. And what's left? Ash, dust and far too many people pinning their hopes on the empty promise of rebuilding. The government is never going to outright tell the people, but construction is expensive. The writing is on the wall and the cities too full of people who remember how the world used to look.

But I'm not one of them.

I didn't figure it out until recently, but the woman I've been trying to be died long ago. So who am I now? Seems like a good question to start thinking about. I'm so tired, but I can't stop moving. I need a new life. A fresh start.

A Second Origin.


-Sara Hart, date unknown



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